BMW M135i 2013

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BMW M135i 2013

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BMW M135i 2013 Quick Specifications

0-100 km/h or 0-62 miles/h5.1s Manual and 4.9 s Auto
Top Speed250 km/h or 155.343 miles/h for Both Manual and Auto
Output320hp or 235kW at 5800RPM
Torque450Nm at 1300-4500RPM
Engine Type & CylindersIn-line 4 Cylinders
TechnologyM TwinPower Turbo technology Twin Scroll turbocharger direct injection system High Precision Injection fully variable valve control (VALVETRONIC) and double VANOS variable camshaft timing
TransmissionSix-speed manual (optional: Eight-speed automatic with Steptronic)

For Detailed Specifications Download the PDF BMW M135i 2013 Specifications.pdf

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The sporty and elegant design of the new three-door model, along with additional engine choices, are distinguishing features that sharpen the unmistakable profile of the BMW 1 Series as the recognised standard of sheer driving pleasure in the premium compact car segment. Powerful petrol and diesel engines with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, the latest chassis design and rear-wheel drive, which is unique for a vehicle in this class, guarantee a sporty driving experience which is reflected in the dynamic and lean appearance of the new three-door BMW 1 Series. This sportiness is especially evident in the first BMW M Performance automobile for the compact segment: the BMW M135i is a top-ranking vehicle thanks to its straight six-cylinder petrol engine with M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology and 235 kW/320 hp, along with its typical M precision-engineered and high-performance chassis, not to mention the optimised aerodynamics of the body style and an exclusive interior design. 

A new entry-level model, the BMW 114i equipped with a straight four-cylinder engine delivering 75 kW/102 hp, is also being launched. Two additional models having petrol engines and four diesel versions – including the BMW 116d EfficientDynamics Edition with 85 kW/116 hp and a CO2 rating of 99 grams per kilometre – round off the new line of BMW 1 Series three-door models that are being introduced. The BMW M135i and the BMW 114i will also be available as 5-door models. Except for the BMW 114i and the BMW 116d EfficientDynamics Edition, all models in the BMW 1 Series can be delivered with a unique eight-speed automatic transmission as an option. Furthermore, the Auto Start/Stop function is available for both manual and automatic transmissions. The BMW EfficientDynamics technology package also includes the ECO PRO mode, which can be activated via the Driving Experience Control button that is standard on all models. The intelligent xDrive four-wheel drive technology will also be offered for the new BMW 1 Series in the future. The BMW 120d xDrive and the BMW M135i xDrive will be the first 1 Series models to have this four-wheel drive technology.

The dynamic and stretched lines of the three-door BMW 1 Series create a silhouette that is unmistakable in the compact car segment and which also gives this vehicle its own distinctive look, distinguishing it from the 5-door model. Wide doors with frameless windows, with a holistic appearance that even spans across the B pillar, along with an especially low and flat roofline, contribute to the sporty and elegant character of the vehicle. For those customers wanting a more individual and exclusive version of the BMW 1 Series, the new three-door model is offered in the BMW Sport Line and the BMW Urban Line versions with special options and equipment. What’s more, an M Sport package is also available for the new BMW 1 Series three-door model.

Like the 5-door version, the new three-door BMW 1 Series offers increased agility and driving comfort compared to the previous model. The interior is also more spacious. For example, the new three-door BMW 1 Series can be configured with a choice of seating for two or three passengers in the rear compartment. The exclusive look and feel of the interior, the wide range of standard features and equipment that even includes air conditioning, along with the many optional driver assistance systems and BMW ConnectedDrive mobility services available, underscore the premium status and progressive character of the new three-door BMW 1 Series.

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