Ferrari 488 GTB: Ferrari’s First Turbocharged Mid-Engined V8

This first-ever turbochrged mid-engined V8 is actually the successor to the 458 and the “GTB” is tagged along the name to commemorate the 40 years of mid-engined Ferrari V8’s especially because the first one was named the 308 GTB. Ferrari claims that this Ferrari can be driven at the ragged-edge of performance by even non-professionals in everyday plus they guarantee amazing response times and agility which warrants “a unique sense of exhilaration and unparalleled driving pleasure”.

Ferrari say that they have included over 10 years of Formula1 and WEC expertise alongside the knowledge they gained by their XX programme (extreme track-only cars for the most cherished Ferrari customers).

The 488 GTB features a twin-turbocharged 3908 cc engine which produces about 661 hp at 8000 rpm and 760 Nm torque at 3000 rpm. With these crunching numbers the 488 manges to hit 0-100 km/h in 3.0 s and 0-200 km/h in 8.3s which is 2.1 s less than its predecessor and the completes a Fiorano lap in 1 m 23 s which also is 2 s quicker than the 458 and the mighty but old Enzo. The 0-200 km/h is also a 1 s quicker than the 458 Speciale and the Fiorano lap time is almost half a second less than the Speciale.

The 488 GTB features the Variable Torque Management gearbox technology which distributes the torque all along the rev range and the gearbox also features specific gear ratios. Ferrari say that they have worked real hard on the sound of the engine so it would not sound any different than what Ferrari’s usually sound like.

The aero is also significantly improved and can also be visually seen on the car itself. It now has an efficiency figure of 1.67 and has 50% more downforce with lesser drag. The car now house a double front spoiler, base bleed side intakes and, at the rear, active aerodynamics integrated with a blown spoiler. Not only this but the underbody also manges to help the overall aerodynamics and embodies vortex generators.

The 488 GTB features the second-gen Side Slip Control (SSC2) which integrates with F1-Trac and E-Diff technologies and now also controls the active dampers which allow more dynamic behaviour in complex manuevers and in also more precise and less invasive which provides better longitudinal acceleration out of corners.

The car now features a larger side air intakes and are designed just like the 308 GTB’s but now includes a splitter to divide it into two sections. The front spoiler now includes two pylons which deflect air to the underbody and also includes a double profile to increase the efficiency of the radiators positioned at both sides. As said before the rear-end of the car now features a blown diffuser which allows greater drag force but none of the negative effects of drag. This works together with an aggressive ramp angle for the diffuser which features active flaps.

The interior is not too different from the 458 but looks more spacious than before. The controls on the steering wheel are the same and the only things that have moved¬† are some control buttons and knobs on the dashboard. The centre console is the biggest change as it has been squeezed to be a lot thinner and the “Launch”, “R”, “Auto” control buttons are now placed vertically and not horizontally like in the 458. Ferrari say that all the graphics of the infotainment screen are now changed and the key, of which there is no picture of, is inspired from the cylinder banks of the engine and will also allow keyless starts.

Ferrari will officially debut the car to the public in the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March. More images and information can be found here: Ferrari 488 GTB 2015

Source: Ferrari

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