McLaren 675 LT: A Legend Is Reborn

A week ago McLaren announced that another car will be appearing alongside the P1 GTR for its debut. The name given to this car is “McLaren 675 LT” in which “LT” stands-for “Longtail”. This is the name McLaren gave to one of its most iconic cars in 1997 the McLaren F1 Longtail. What longtail means for the car is that it will be super-light, super-powerful and super-engaging, that’s a lot of super in one line and just imagine how amazing it will be when all these super things will be in one car and this is just what McLaren wants.

McLaren is very quiet on the car specifics but was keen enough to tell us that it will have a “devlish”, as McLaren says, 666 hp and 700 Nm of torque produced by its heavily modified 3.8-litre twin-turbo engine which would have lighter components and new powerful turbos. McLaren says that 600 Nm torque will be delivered in the first gear from standstill via a controlled torque deliver system and will rise to 700 Nm at 5500-6500 rpm in any gear. McLaren also promisis a new redesigned crossover exhaust system made from titanium only for the 675 LT which will further reduce weight and increase performance. The exhaust pipes will be routed centrally through exposed bodywork located right underneath the “Longtail” airbrake. Speaking of airbrake McLaren also revealed another number which is 40% more downforce than 675 LT’s baby brother the 650S. McLaren today unveiled a new image which you can see above and below in the slideshow and they also released a video which will show you the exhaust system and let you listen to its behoving sound, you can see it at the end of the post and the previously launched teaser is also embedded.

As announced before, the 675 LT will only be available in coupé style because we all know that there is always a performance drop in the convertible styles. More details will be announced including performance numbers alongside its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show on 3rd of March, Tuesday.

Source: McLaren

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