McLaren P1 GTR to Show in Production Form at Geneva Auto Show

In just two weeks time we will be able to see the production form of the much awaited McLaren P1 GTR. Last year in June, McLaren announced that it will make a track-only version of the P1 for P1 owners.

The production form is not much different from the design concept that was unveiled at Pebble Beach. The paint job the P1 GTR will wear at the 85th Geneva Auto Show is inspired from the yellow and green paint mix from the F1 GTR chassis #06 and this livery will be only available to those customers who have chosen to join the McLaren P1 GTR Driver Programme.

The P1 GTR was tested vigorously around the world and in-turn was improved in the departments of aerodynamic performance and cooling systems. All in all the front track is 80 mm wider than road-going P1 with a more aggressive front spoiler and the whole car sits 50 mm lower to the ground on centre-locking 19-inch motorsport alloys with Pirelli slicks. The lower bodywork of the P1 GTR features a blade which cleans the air as it flows through the body.

The 3.2 mm thick front windscreen from the P1 is retained while the door windows have been replaced by polycarbonate windows with ticket-holes. The glass panels on the roof have also been replaced by lighter and more tough carbon-fibre panels and the same has been done on the engine cover. These weight saving measures shed 50 kg from the P1.

The rear features the most significant changes with the rear wing which is now fixed instead of adjustable unlike the P1 and sits at 400 mm which is 100 mm higher than the adjustable wing on the P1. The P1 GTR has now upto 10% more (660 kg at 150 mph) downforce than the P1 all thanks to the front aerodynamic working in conjunction with the rear wing. The rear wing however retains DRS system which can change the pitch from 0-32 degrees from a button located on the steering wheel. The single exhaust in the P1 is changed to twin-exhaust pipes made from Inconel and titanium alloy and save almost 6.5 kg.

Updates to powertrain has also been updated with the twin-turbo 3.8 litre V8 engine which has now been coupled with even lighter and more enhanced electric motor. The V8 engine and the electric motor combined make 1000 PS in which 800 PS is given by the V8 and the rest 200 PS is contributed by the electric motor. The highway systems from the P1 have also been removed to save weight.

The locations of the P1 GTR Driver programme are now also finalized with the first test session to be done at Silverstone in England and first on-track activity at Circuit de Catalunya in Spain.

The Geneva Auto Show starts from 3rd March and will be filled with the most exciting reveals of the year.

Source: McLaren Automotive

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