The McLaren P1 is Now SOLD OUT!

Have you ever wanted the curvy & sleek McLaren P1? If you have, then maybe you’re out of luck (we will explain the “maybe” part afterwards) as a McLaren spokesman told Top Gear Magazine that all 375 models are either sold or booked by a deposit so you see you just maybe lucky enough if someone backs out his/her deposit but then again there is also an ever-growing waiting list. The P1 was just introduced almost 8 months ago in the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and has surprisingly got a very warm reception, this has got be a some kind of record! The McLaren representative also told them that they had planned to sell all 375 cars by September (the company’s 50th anniversary) but when Top Gear got their hands on it and gave it a very positive review, the demand increased so much so that it got past the 375 production limit. Here is what the McLaren representative told Top Gear:

We set ourselves the target to be sold out by year-end off the back of first cars being delivered to customers in September, the fiftieth anniversary of McLaren’s founding,” a company spokesman told Top Gear. “Demand for the car has been consistently strong since Geneva. A combination of the first feedback from customers and Top Gear’s review of the P1 has seen us cross the line a little sooner than we had planned…

As we have already told that if anyone is really interested in the P1 there just might be a slight chance to get it if someone backs out but if it doesn’t happen there is still the LaFerrari which by the way is invite only and you have got to own three previous Ferrari models as well. The other option is the Porsche 918 Spyder which is sold just like a regular Porsche but offers the same exclusivity and performance.

Source: Top Gear

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