Mercedes Builds Up Hype About Its Upcoming Supercar

Mercedes is building up quite a bit of stir in the automotive world by teasing us with a series of reveals. They have launched a new website giving us a sneak peek into the Mercedes-AMG GT‘s features and specifications. Mercedes will be unveiling the car in chapters like Lamborghini did with their new Huracan. The first chapter is called “Innovation” from which we have got a video called “This is what you get…”

And here it is:

As you can see that Mercedes is giving us a very little hint of the car’s exterior but by closely examining the bits they show in this picture:

Mercedes-AMG GT

Mercedes-AMG GT

we assume that the rear of the car is about the same as the SLS but the front might not be as pretty as we would have liked.

The next chapters are Dynamics, Performance and Design, respectively. Mercedes has stated in an article on the aforementioned website, that it intends the AMG GT to be “the world’s next great sports car” and “the¬†authentic Mercedes-AMG sports car”. Well we believe them and we are very excited for its autumn launch. And we will keep you updated with the latest on Mercedes-AMG GT, so keep an eye out for updates! Plus you can log-on to the source link below for official updates by Mercedes.

Source: Mercedes-AMG GT Portal

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