Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Revealed

A few days ago Mercedes confirmed that they will begin a new sub-brand with the name “Mercedes-Maybach” just like “Mercedes-AMG” and the first car of this new sub-brand would be named “Mercedes-Maybach S-Class” which will be based on the latest S-Class generation.

Today they have revealed all the details of Mercedes-Maybach S-Class and is simultaneously unveiled in Los Angeles. Some of the extra features which separate this model from the production S-Class is extra space with extremely luxurious interiors with extreme individualisation opportunities.  The market launch of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is scheduled for February 2015.

Maybachs have all been about the extra space they provide as they are used by people who prefer to chauffeured and as a result the rear headroom has been increased from 951 mm (Standard S-Class) to 963 mm (Maybach S-Class) and rear legroom is increased from 166 mm (Standard S-Class) to 325 mm (Maybach S-Class) and this is with the executive seats which can recline backwards and feature many other adjustment options and with added extras can also have a hot-stone massage called “Energizing Massage”. The rear seats also feature a center console with thermo cup holders which can cool or warm drinks and they also have folding tables made of light alloy and give a high quality feel. The rear seats have a separate automatic Thermotronic climate control system with two climate zone separate for the two seats with individual air distribution vents.

The Maybach S-Class also received an upgrade in the noise control to make it world’s most quiet car. These upgrades include new seals in the windows and joints, generous insulation in the seats, intelligent position of the air vents, and underlining of wheel arch reduce high-frequency tyre noise. Mercedes say that they have even tested for noise in situations when the rear seat is fully reclined because that creates a whole new angle because of the side pillars and windows.

The other department where the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class has received updates is the aerodynamics and Mercedes lists them as:

  • Wheel spoilers with aerodynamically optimised contour ahead of the front wheels
  • Large area of cladding on the rear axle
  • Aerodynamically efficient design of the front and rear aprons and the rear spoiler
  • Optimised exterior mirror design with mirror base
  • Sealed headlamp surrounds
  • Improved sealing of the radiator section and flow properties to make efficient use of the available cooling air
  • Streamlined water drainage channels
  • Speed-dependent lowering of the vehicle by up to 20 mm
  • Spoiler lip on each tail light
  • Aerodynamically optimised underbody with extensive engine compartment and underbody panelling

The exterior has received an over-hauling as well which include the rear door to shortened by 66 mm, triangular window to be shifted to the pillars, windows and other glass areas have chrome surrounds, Maybach Manufaktur logo – a double M inside an arched triangle – adorns the C-pillars on both sides, exclusive 20-inch wheels which have a large center surface area instead of spokes, Dominant Radiator trim with large radiator intake and three chrome finished louvres, Subtle vertical chrome trim, Double trim in the air intakes on the right and left, Double trim in the bottom end piece of the bumpers, Horizontal lines emphasise the vehicle’s width, Two tailpipe trim elements in chrome integrated into the bumper with vertical partition, Chrome double louvres in the bottom section of the bumper covering add the perfect finishing touch to the vehicle and (finally!) Maybach lettering on the boot lid (mounted on the left in direction of travel).

Now we move on to the interior. The rear in particular is covered in wooden-trim which include seat-back lining, doors and air vents surrounds. There are Maybach crests on the front armrests which are covered in nappa leather or exclusive nappa (also in the rear armrests if you have chosen the First-Class rear suite). The dashboard has a specially designed analogue clock with an IWC design which has the numbers and indicators made from fine-metal. The door trim is hand-stitched in nappa leather or exclusive leather (if opted) and trim parts in wood/chrome and leather at shoulder height with chrome finished tweeter grills and fibre-optic cables for the ambience lighting to the side on the armrest.

The car can be ordered from two engine options, one is a Biturbo V12 called the S600 and the other is a Biturbo V8 called the S500 which are not very different from the engines in the standard S-Class. The V8 comes with the latest 9G Tronic Transmission and will be available with 4MATIC from June 2015 and the V12 will be delivered with a 7G Tronic Plus.

S 500
S 600
Number of cylinders/arrangement
Displacement (cc)
Rated output (kW/hp at rpm)
at 5250-5500
at 4900-5300
Rated torque (Nm at rpm)
at 1800-3500
at 1900-4000
Combined fuel consumption from (l/100 km)
8.9 S
11.7 SP
Combined CO2 emissions from (g/km)
Efficiency class
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s)
Top speed (km/h)

And that is about all the major things we can tell in this article because if wrote about all other details this article would go on for days literally, Mercedes has a lot to say about this car and you could find the complete details & images here: Mercedes-Maybach S-Class 2015

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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