Two New Koenigseggs Are Heading For Geneva

Koenigsegg has very quietly announced two cars for the upcoming 85th Geneva Motor Show, with one of the two being the Agera RS which certainly means that underneath its the Agera R but with more power except Koenigsegg hasn’t revealed anything other than the poster you see at the end of the post, so prepare to be amazed to see what can be improved in car that already has 1115 hp, does 250 miles/h and hit 0-200 miles/h in 17.68 s.

What is quite interesting is the other car they are set to unveil, its named “Regera” and no you are not reading this wrong it is “Regera”. We at first also thought that the may have spelled it wrong on their press release heading but once we saw the we knew we had read it right.

You might now be thinking “What is interesting about it?” and well Koenigsegg say it is a megacar (the level above the hypercar!). Koenigsegg has already unveiled another megacar last year, the “One:1” but we speculate that this is going to be bigger than the One:1 because Koenigsegg is very quiet about this car, so quiet that not a single line about it has been released so you should expect a very powerful bomb under the sheets at Geneva. It may very well be the challenger to the upcoming Hennessey Venom F5 which is going to have 1400 hp so expect a figure that is very close to this or maybe even higher.

That’s all we know for now but we will keep you updated! Both of these cars will be unveiled to the press on 3-4 March and will be shown to the public on 5-15 March.

Source: Koenigsegg

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  1. I like how Koenigsegg is always pushing the boundaries of supercar performance.

    • Roshaan Shakeel

      But the question is that is this even necessary? Are these advancements helping us achieve the goals of alternate fuel or better economy? What is the point of these 250 mph+ cars if you can’t even drive them to these speeds? This is the same reason why motorbike manufacturers entered into a gentelmens agreement which stated that the competition for the world’s fastest production bike should be stopped as this is only getting dangerous and will not help to meet the changing requirements of economy and thus the Suzuki Hayabusa is the last fastest production bike and it will hold that record.